Strategic Plan

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s (Berkeley Lab) Biosciences’ 10-Year Scientific Strategic Plan describes the mission and vision for a national future strengthened by biological research achievements, and provides guidance for biosciences research activities at Berkeley Lab. It establishes a framework for maintaining that mission and vision, and achieving these goals from 2013-2023. Described in the plan are large-scale biological science challenges appropriate for a national laboratory and relevant to Berkeley Lab’s own mission and values. The Biosciences Strategic Plan plan lays out ambitious goals and relies on Berkeley Lab’s capacity for multidisciplinary, collaborative research to bring bioscience solutions to the world. Here we sharpen our focus on the uses of bioscience to address the energy needs of our nation, protect the environment, understand and improve health, and develop novel biomanufacturing technologies. Our plan is meant to be both a blueprint and a catalyst for achieving these goals.

Strategic Goals